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Who Hates This "Recently Heard Ad" Feature?


Who Hates This "Recently Heard Ad" Feature?



I have noticed this new feature pops up now and never goes away, no matter how many times I close out the app on my phone. It seems the intention of this feature is that maybe you muted the ads or was unable to click a link in time, but WHAT IF you actually don't want to listen or see ads, and just want to enjoy music? And to be honest I am not even interested in these ads (especially the ones promoting some sort of artsy hack with only a thousand or so followers).


Has anyone else been noticing this "feature"?

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Do you have a subscription you pay for?


So is there a solution ? To get rid of it ? 

Not that I'm aware of, sadly.

even if you have the premium subscription, they are still forced on you. the recent ads menu shows at the bottom no matter what. It literally blocks out a portion of the podcast. wth

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