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Whos damn idea was this? New desktop app Interface sucks!!!!!!!!!


Whos damn idea was this? New desktop app Interface sucks!!!!!!!!!

Who in the **bleep** told you all to change the desktop app? I can't even see all of my playlist anymore by album art! and also  why did you make my account picture so small you can't even see it! is it a way to fix this downgrade of a app



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rounded corners are the WORST

yeah its **bleep**ing awful it took all the bad things from the app and put them in desktop - you cant even select multiple playlists 

i've been trying to organize recent playlists and its literally **bleep**ing impossible. it feels like im using the mobile app in the worst way. the desktop interface used to be good it was very functional why the **bleep** do they feel the need to change it? UX/UI updates should improve UX not make it "look better" 

Agree on having an option to just have the library how you organised it yourself.
Not spotify's suggested organise settings.


I want to see how I had it arranged and organised, not everything else? It's pretty overwhelming now.. 

K i think I've figured it out. You've gotta click:

1.) playlists

2.) custom order on the right.


then you can move things around again

It's not a good redesign. But perhaps a large part of the problem was making the new mobile style options the default. Compact view + custom order, isn't half as bad.

Please, Spotify, two priority requests:
Put the filter, search and order options in an open/closable box ("playlist tools" maybe) - so these things I will never want to change (while the UI is in this state)  aren't taking up playlist space/distracting. (and people that do use them can leave it open as it is)

An option that clicking on a folder does the same thing as clicking the arrow - and double-clicking should open the full folder view. It's driving me nuts clicking in the wrong place and getting different results.


Less crucial, but might be nice:
Option to colour code playlists. Perhaps with a simple dot in compact and coloured icons in big view. Or background tints.
Break lines to visually group folders

I just registered to rant. **bleep** this new design. 

Totally agree, I can't organise my playlists like I could before. Really angry about it and I take pride in them. I can't put them in order like I could before to show on my profile!!! Please change it back Spotify 

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