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Your philosophy of maintaining a personal music library.


Your philosophy of maintaining a personal music library.

I think many of you have a certain logic in your head, according to which you organize your music library. And there are probably as many approaches as there are users. But I got a problem. To implement my logic, I lack the spotify functionality. After that, I wrote to the support chat to find out what logic Spotify itself adheres to. But I was told that they do not have such a document where you can read about their approach to organizing the library. Although this is rather strange, because in theory it is for this basic vision that all the functionality should be made in the future.


For example, I don't understand what Spotify means by "Favorite track". And, what is most interesting, they do not have this information anywhere. Now I can mark the track that I liked with a heart, or I can simply add the track to Favorite tracks playlist. Interestingly, you can add a track to the playlist itself with or without a heart. In general, there is no standardization, and as a result, each user can implement the same essence in different ways. Given the fact that my favorite tracks then have to be processed by the spotify algorithm to find tracks that I might like, I would like to understand how I can actually tag my favorite tracks.


In general, I challenge you to discuss, with my own appearance and experience, what kind of logic you have in your head, and how you put this logic into the available of functionality.


I know that there are two types of music listeners: those for whom the text is primary and the accompaniment is secondary; and vice versa, those who primarily listen to music, and the words are secondary. Personally, I belong to the second category. (I don't know why, but it's a fact) For me, text is just another audio track. When humming, I can easily accidentally substitute other words if they sound the same as the original without even noticing it. "Meaning" I catch from the music itself.


Based on this approach, I developed my personal classification.
For a better understanding, I made a diagram.


  1. Good - tracks that make me feel positive.
    1. “Love from the first note” Agree, there are songs that catch on as soon as you hear them, and then you can listen to them at any time, regardless of mood, weather, situation, and the like. I think everyone has such tracks, the love for which you will carry through your whole life. Remember situations when you are somewhere in your thoughts, and suddenly somewhere on the street you hear one of these tracks, and something inside you instantly switches, goosebumps run through your body, and you start writing with boiling water. :):):)

      In terms of Spotify functionality, should these tracks be in the Favorite Tracks playlist, or just be liked? Or both?
    2. "For the mood". Most likely you associate these tracks with some event or segment of your life. For example: “Song of the trip”, the song under which you had your first **bleep**, or vice versa, your couple broke up, and these tracks were playing with you at that time. In general, these songs are emotions. For example, you are sad now, and you want to listen only to those tracks that you were sad to before. These tracks are very similar to the first category, but still, if you are in a cheerful mood now, then most likely you will not include something boring and dreary, to which you usually feel sad. 
      It is quite possible that these are songs of category 1.1, on which your memories are still superimposed.

      From the point of view of Spotify's functionality, I think grouping such tracks into playlists solves this task perfectly.
    3. "For condition". I think playlists for running, workouts, meditation and the like are just that. For example, I love listening to deep trance because it puts me in a certain state. Yes, I have a couple of basic compositions, but in general +- I can like everything there. And this does not mean at all that I am really a fan of this track and it turns me on. It just suits my state of mind.

      From the point of view of Spotify functionality, having ready-made playlists with the ability to edit them to your preferences is a great solution. Those. I take a standard playlist "To run" and edit it for myself.
    4. "Interest singl". This is when I hear a new track and find it cute. It's not love at first note, but at the same time, this track somehow resonates with me. In such cases, I would like to somehow mark, so that later I can listen, in a different setting, in a different mood, and already there to give an assessment. Perhaps at that moment I will understand that he is weak, and I will mark him with a dislike so that I will never listen to him again. And perhaps, on the contrary, I will raise his "rating".

      Here, in terms of Spotify functionality, I would like a quick “put aside” reaction. It is clear that you can create a separate playlist for this, but then the number of clicks will increase, which is not good. I want it fast: Like, Dislike, Put aside. Something like that.
  2. "Neutral". As the name suggests, these are tracks that make me neither warm nor cold. It's really "background music". This includes folk art such as Indian songs, various flutes/pipes, children's songs, and the like.
  3. "Bad" - tracks that cause negative feelings in me.
    If you go deeper, then this category can also be decomposed into subcategories.
    1. "Unloved". I would put here the songs that I can listen to with some effort.
    2. "Disgust". This is a situation from the category when a person cannot stand a whole genre. For example, when a person is a fan of classical music, and they turn on furious hardcore. If you look at my example, then, since I listen to music, and not text, then rap, with its recitatives, is rather boring for me and I don’t listen to it.

Why am I doing this...
If we take as a sample 100 different tracks that you have never listened to, then there will be 2 favorite tracks, a maximum of 5. And everything else is of varying degrees of dislike: from Turn it off right away, to well, yes, there is something in it, you can listen again .
But the trick is to find those 5 songs, you have to listen to all 100. And that takes time, which may not be available at the moment. You'll listen to 20 pieces that won't find anything for you, and since you missed them, Spotify will play them over and over again for you.
Our task is to teach the algorithm to look for a needle in a haystack. But due to the fact that the “hay” is larger, it is easier and faster for us to describe what we do not like.
Therefore, there should be just such a Hide button everywhere, and not the Heart, because Personally, I use the Hide button more often.


After all, you must admit that if you have 10 minutes of free time, then you would like to listen to songs that excite you than those that are mediocre for you.

That is why I want my library to have exactly those golden songs that bring me pleasure, and so that spotify learns to look for something similar for me. And not some kind of "trash" from the position "It will pull under the beer."

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Everything I think! (without ever finding the courage to write it down).

@user-removed wrote:

Everything I think! (without ever finding the courage to write it down).

I wrote the text for a long time, but it seems to have conveyed everything I wanted.

And you can write something else, more detailed of you experience. Do not be shy.😉

I'm sorry, I'm abandoning you, I've just left SPOTIFY for good.
Without wishing to demoralize you, don't expect anything from this forum, SPOTIFY only does what makes it money, otherwise it doesn't listen to the community. Ideas voted and implemented in 2018 or simply deleted recently because he decided to do so.


Вы не поверите, но я вчера сделал то же самое, но все же решил написать пост в этом блоге.
На других сайтах я тоже не видел такой информации по их видению, а значит, могут возникнуть аналогичные сложности с реализацией собственного подхода. Я чувствую, что их блоги также должны будут написать аналогичный пост.

P.S.: На какой сервис вы перешли?

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