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artist playlist


artist playlist

I have an idea for a feature. in the playlist section under "liked songs" there should be a playlist that says something like "artist playlist" or something like that. basically its a playlist of every single song from every album, single/ep, and compilation by every artist you follow in this playlist. it automaticaly updates whenever you follow a new artist and/or any new album/ep/compilation an artist you follow makes. you can shuffle it and it shuffles through all the songs etc. it behaves completely like a normal playlist except the features above. you can delete songs that you dont want but you cant add any. to go along with this if you have a song that is not in the playlist (that you deleted) and its by an artist you follow, the song will have some kind of indicator by it when your looking at it. if every song from an album from an artist you follow is not in the playlist then the playlist has an indicater by it. if every song from an artist that you follow isnt in the playlist the artist will have an indicator by them. only songs with indicators can you add back. thats all.. anybody else think this is a good idea? anything you would like to add or change?.. but please spotify, idk about everybody else but i need this feature..

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Hi there. Thank you for your idea and posting it on the Community! If you would like this idea to happen and you think it might work. Please go to the "idea submissions page" and put in your idea. Once your idea gets a certain amount of votes, Spotify Developers will look at it and will decide if they want to add it.

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