20/20 Experience disappeared.


20/20 Experience disappeared.

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Just came out, had it on spotify and it's suddenly dissapeared. Why does this happen?

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This link shoud explain it:




Sometimes record labels/artists don't want there ablums on Spotify so they have the option to remove them. Spotify has not control when it comes to them not wanting there album on the service. But also, some albums just diappear and reapper later so be patient and it might show up again, this happended to me once, and it showed up the day after it disappeared. 


Also, try this link and see if it works:



Hope this helps 🙂

Hope this helped 🙂

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Thanks, thought so. Just baffling how it was put there for such a short period. & only the singles mirrors + suit & tie worked on that link you sent but thanks anyway 🙂


I know amazon shows the album as being released tomorrow: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BCZU8WM/ref=pe_180430_28735010_nrn_lm


So maybe the singles (two songs that work now) are the only ones suppose to be released and the rest of the album will be playable when the album is actually out. This is all just a guess.

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It's not on the artist page for some reason but if you search for 20/20 experience it comes up and plays fine.