2015, The Year In Music: 13000+ songs, 900+h of music sorted into 55 playlists based on genres. Pt.3


2015, The Year In Music: 13000+ songs, 900+h of music sorted into 55 playlists based on genres. Pt.3

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These playlists will also carry over into 2016, so subscribe if you want to keep updated 🙂






2015: Punk Rock

(80+ tracks, featuring: Rotten Mind, Polish Club, USA Nails, et al.)


2015: Post Hardcore/Pop Punk

(80+ tracks, featruing: AS IT IS, Bring Me The Horizon, From First To Last, et al.)


2015: Nu Metal/Alternative Metal

(150+ tracks, featruing: Ghost B.C., Refused, Marilyn Manson, Muse, et al.)


2015: Power Metal/Symphonic Metal

(250+ tracks, featruing: Nightwish, Wind Rose, Evil Invaders, Night, et al.)


2015: Doom Metal/Experimental Metal

(30+ tracks, featruing: Bill Witch, Mamaleek, Lustre, MISSIO, Yen Pox, et al.)


2015: Death, Thrash, Black, Speed-Metal

(250+ tracks, featuring: Slayer, Napalm Death, Venom, Lamb Of God, et al.)


2015: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Glam Rock

(250+ tracks, featruing: Motörhead, Orchid, Scorpion Child, Kadavar, et al.)


2015: Post-Rock (Instrumental/Minimalistic Vocals)

(40+ tracks, featruing: Noveller, Spurv, Claude speeed, Snöhamn, et al.)






2015: Instrumental/Ambient

(250+ tracks, featruing: Aphex Twin, Eartheater, Julien Mier, Shigeto, et al.)


2015: Instrumental Piano

(25+ tracks, featuring: Nils Frahm, Chilly Gonzales, Michael Price, et al.)


2015: Instrumental Guitar

(Newly added playlist -will feature more tracks in 2016)


2015: Experimental Choir/Alternative Gospel

(20+ tracks, feature: Slug Christ, ANAMAI, Wullian Ryan Fritch, et al.)


2015: Contemporary Classical/Orchestral Scores

(30+ tracks, featuring: Mike Garry & Joe Duddell, Goldmund, Ólafur Arnalds et al.)






2015: Dub

(25+ tracks, featuring: Dubdadda, onton, Sennid, Etana, et al.)


2015: R&B Reggae

(30+ tracks, featuring: Ayo Jay, Ramriddlz, Alkaline, QQ, et al.)


2015: Roots Reggae

(100+ tracks, featrung: Riddim Colony, Hempress Sativa, Luciano, et al.)


2015: Dancehall/Ragga

(100 tracks, featruing: Ragga Twins, Angel, Fuse Odg, Popcaan et al.)


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Amazing, where do you find the time to make so much playlists on all different genres? 🙂


Anyway, well done! I really love the Postrock playlist so far!

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