80's: jangle pop, power pop, gothic rock, 80's indie


80's: jangle pop, power pop, gothic rock, 80's indie


I posted a request asking for more attention on adding bands of these genres some months ago. It's sad to see that everything remains almost the same. These are my favorite genres, and are genres in which many bands of today are getting influences. In my opinion they should be revisited, and extensively added to the Spotify library.


Many of these bands either are not available at all, or there are very few songs (which are scattered in different compilations), or if they are bands with more recent albums, only these ones are available.


I'll mention a few which have very few songs or none in Spotify. There are much more lost treasures in these bands than in 3 times this number in bands of today. They deserve attention:


1000 Mexicans,

The Armoury Show,


the Bicycle Thieves,

The Chairs,

The Danse Society (few albums),

The Desert Wolves,

Escape Club,

European Toys,

Exit 13,

Friends Again,

Getting the Fear,

His Latest Flame,

Into a Circle,

I Can Crawl,

Illustrated Man,

The Jack Rubies,

Metro Trinity,

Mighty Mighty,

The Palisades,

The Passmore Sisters,

The Red,

Scary Thieves,

Sign Language,

Thrashing Doves,

Venus In Furs,

White China.


A last question, is there anyone in the Spotify staff devoted only to finding out and acquiring old music for your library?

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Hey 🙂 


I would suggest you have a read at this post which deals with music addition requests. Spotify upload all of the music they receive, so anything that is missing is normally down to the rights holders. 


As for adding tracks, with something like 10,000+ being added everyday, there must be someone busy in the office 😉



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Hello Hammeh, I knew that post before. My request is because even though there are around 10,000 new tracks everyday like you said, I don't think those are from that era and genres I mentioned. I always see the same bands, after months having requested the same. I'm a premium member (near 10 € every month) and I love Spotify. There's nothing as good as this of its kind. It's easy, seamless, quick navigation, it's almost perfect and worth paying what I'm paying, but I'm feeling a little disappointed because there're so many bands I've got locally (in my desktop Spotify) which are not available online. 

One of the problems is that most of their labels don't exist anymore, or were taken over by a bigger one. What happens with music from labels like these and discontinued albums/LP's/EP's/singles? It's very difficult for a single person to get them, but I don't think the same for Spotify.


I still hope that they try to get this type of music even though it's not as easy as commercial and today music.