AES Dana and the rest of the ambient world.


AES Dana and the rest of the ambient world.

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   Hello guys! The ambient music has evolved since Tangerine Dream's first albums, Kraftwerk (I still love them), JMJ's Oxygen and Isao Tomita's Bermuda Triangle. Since then many other great artists have made good ambient and electronic music.

By chance, only last year I have discovered AES Dana and it was love, crazy love at first sight. I also like some albums edited by Ultimae Records. For me, at least at this very moment, AES Dana is the pinnacle of ambient music.

In my view, after I have listened to the albums many times, to be sure of my opinion, the least accomplished album of AES Dana si Aftermath 2.0 because I found it a little bit too linear, too boring. The rest of AES Dana's albums are great and excellent and also the albums in cooperation with Solar Field under H.U.V.A. Network moniker and the albums featuring MikTek.  I will come with more impressions about my favorite ambient music albums. If you will read this, I will love to know your opinion about AES Dana and what albums and artists of ambient music you like. Thanks, and please enjoy the music of AES Dana!


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