I would love it if spotify would stop prompting me to login through facebook. And it takes me five times of putting my spotify login info in before it grants me access (i know I am putting the correct password in, they are just trying to make it difficult so I will give up and switch to logging in with facebook!!

then once im in my mobile spotify account, after i search something, and message pops up asking me to add it to my facebook. NO. NO THANKS! AGAIN! then it automatically logs me out! then its back to putting in my pogin info five more times until i can reaccess, or not. since now it's not working at all. Im so glad im paying 9+ dollars a month for this **bleep** service.

why is there not a simple LOGIN option on it keeps asking me to get it. I GOT IT IDIOTS. I HAVE THE RECEIPT TO SHOW FOR IT BUT NO MUSIC!

spotify, you now suck.

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What OS are you using?


Have you tried uninstalling and then installing the app, also this isn't deliberate.