Ability to delete (retarded) ideas you have posted yourself


Ability to delete (retarded) ideas you have posted yourself

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So I posted the following, below the line, and then realized comments were available. I didn't see any comments on a popular idea, so maybe make them more visible? Anyways, this "idea" is to make idea posts deletable my their creator / OP or at least deletable by their OP when no one except for them has commented or voted on the post.

For hilarity, please read the below post I posted, but cannot now delete, and forever associated with my username -- which I've also learned from these forums I cannot change despite 1,666 votes for the feature to be able to change usernames (come'on Spotify):




Why can't we comment on our own ideas (to later expound) and more importantly, comment on other people's ideas, and read other people's comments? Please add this feature to the Idea Exchange forum! This can help us develop our ideas as a community and help Spotify win the race between all the streaming services (which I would love to see happen as Spotify is my beloved streaming music choice for many, many years!). I also would like to add I am a Spotify developer and love that we can extend Spotify. Let's get these forums fixed to allow comments!


Additionally, upvoting comments (and possibly downvoting) which would change their rank (visibility) al la Reddit or just simple votes/likes for comments which don't change their ranks (like on Facebook) would allow us to form consensus. Not as important as simply having comments, but would be a great add to a commenting feature when it exists.


FYI- Idea posts like this one that reach 100 votes are reviewed monthly, so be sure to vote (it's easy to vote, just click the button to the right) and get your friends to vote as well if they're sitting next to you on their phone or computer!

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