Adding a playlist


Adding a playlist




I am quite new to spotify, there's loads of playlists out there, but am I also able to add a playlist (without adding all the songs) to my favorites in any way so I can just start listening to a playlist through selecting the specifi playlist through my favorites?


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Unfortunately not as far as I'm aware, you can add albums and tracks to your music, but not playlits.


I'd create a new playlist folder with ones you like and when you press follow it is automatically created but with the songs in.


You could right click the playlist and copy the Spotify URI, and put them in a notepad file to type into the search bar whenever you want to find the playlists, but following is much easier in my opinion.


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Exactly what I want to. Like to be able to add entire playlists to "Your Music Songs", without having to tick every single track on the list. Just like you can click and drag an album into a playlist, but make it so you can add it to your songs, without having tick them all. Be awesome.