Web Player: I'm playing an ASOT episode where, in this particular example, two distinct tracks represent a continuous set of music. At the end of the first "track", I was presented with some ads. It ruined the flow so, before the ads finished, I restarted the prior track. At the end of the track, again, more ads started. I didn't wait again, and restarted.


Again, more ads. This time, I let them finish, there were 3 of them. I then restarted the prior track again. On completion, 3 more ads. I restarted the prior track again and... you guessed it... 3 more ads.


Yes, i'm a free listener... yes, I understand the need for, and expect ads. I don't think I should expect them after the first track everytime though.


I still haven't listened to the second track and at this point, i'm not going to. I'm done. I give up. Adios Spotify.


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