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Aimee Mann


I noticed not many Aimee Mann's albums are avaliable anymore, is there a reason for this such as planned reissues?

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The music in question might have been removed from Spotify due to requests from music labels.

Sometimes the music is still available on Spotify, but not in certain countries anymore.

The only thing Spotify does is upload music via the request of music labels.


Sometimes labels change their mind or the music rights change and as a result they send Spotify a request to remove certain songs or artists. Spotify has to take down music if labels request it.


You can find out why some songs/artists are no longer on Spotify over here.

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Having the same problem here. It has also happened to many other artists. I have been a loyal spotify fan for nearly an year now. The whole concept was so that I wouldn't need carry all my old albums around.

I can understand if the albums aren't available because they are new. But if they are plenty old. This has no justification. I will write to spotify for an official explanation and if there isn't one and they cannot replace my premium content I am discontinuing the subscription.

This is just not acceptable for a large distributor like spotify. They should get their act together if they truly want to preent piracy. Remember DVD regions. What did it do the movie industry ???



This whole idea of regional rights has passed its sell by date. At least as far as the major labels are concerned, the rights owners are nearly all large multi-national companies so it makes no sense for them to treat listeners/streamer differently depending their location. I would be most surprised if competing companies have regional distribution rights for different areas - for example Universal having rights in the USA and Warner in Europe. I strongly suspect that a single company has worldwide rights.


Removals and lack of albums,artists and songs is not the fault of spotify, let us agree on that. The labels and their policy is to blame. If they use spotify to promote albums and artists, and then remove it after users have made efforts making playlists etc. people will recognice that tactic, and turn to piracy. Spotify is an extreamly good service, I have enjoyed their precense in many genres. But they are totally depending on the labels policy.

If someone could make a list of wich label that is the badest boy, and publish it in different arenas, that would maybe make an inpact. The lables are depending on costumers and goodwill, so if someone could make it loud and readable wich label that disrespect streaming costomers the most, that would be great.

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It´s just crazy and contraproductive to remove Aimee Mann songs.


I want to play her take on "have yiourself a Merry Merry Christmas".


No one does it better.


Nice Christmas to you all anyway. And to Aimee.

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Yes, this is a bummer and stupid move by the record label. Why remove almost all other albums just when a new one is out?This will prevent anyone who likes the new album from exploring the rest of her music.