Album is on Spotify without Artist's permission


Album is on Spotify without Artist's permission


We just found out about this new Canadian Artist named 'Calum Graham', and have been listening to him on Spotify.


In his country, Spotify does not operate, so we are posting the comment on his behalf since he cannot login to address this situation. When we contacted him, he was unaware that we has even on Spotify.


So he is not getting any royalties when his tracks are being streamed. Does anyone know how Spotify get the rights to do that ?


If you can reply ASAP, that would be kindly appreciated so we can get to the bottom of this, and get the money into the Artist's hands!!

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It depends how this artist releases their music. Some aggregators offer a service to also release tracks on Spotify too, which some artists may not be aware of. Such services are listed here. Often this can be the case! 


However, if the artist is certain their music is on Spotify without permission, then they can find out what they need to do right here.


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