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Amboy Dukes' albums is a mess


Amboy Dukes' albums is a mess


Hi there...


If you were to listen to The Amboy Dukes, it's important to know their aliasses...


They are listed under:


Amboy Dukes

The Amboy Dukes

Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes

Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes


a bit annoying


could something be done?


And even worse:


Their greatest album "Migration" (Mainstream Records 1969, on CD by Repertoire Records 1991) isn't on Spotify 😞

and as it says here:


"A CD reissue was released in 1991 by Repertoire Records with two bonus tracks (REP 4178-WZ). It credits the band as "The American Amboy Dukes", the name under which the group's records were released in Britain."


So... We have a name now: "The American Amboy Dukes" - maybe that's why you don't have it yet?


Could you get it, please?

I'll write the record company too, but which is it you would like me to write? Is it the label that issued the CD?



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And please tell who I have to write when I need music on Spotify?


The band

The composer

The original record label

The cd label?