Android TV playback for Spotify


Android TV playback for Spotify

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I’ve been a satisfied-premium user for many years with Spotify; however, I’ve got a new Android TV and would like to chromecast my iPhone 6s to my Sony/Andriod TV.  I have version 4.70 of your app and it doesn’t recognize my television, only recognizes my crappy Apple TV (even when the power is off!!!). However, many other apps automatically recognize chromecast (CBS, HBO, SHOWTIME, FOX, FOXNOW, STAZ, ENCORE, etc).  Contrary to popular delusional opinion, Apple’s TV is horrible option for casting any content!!!! It drops (all the time) and it doesn’t come close to the picture or AUDIO quality of chromecast, etc. Please tell me someone there knows how to fix this? Thanks!


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Sadly, Spotify doens't (yet) support Google Cast (which is what is integrated in Android TV). It does support Chromecast (The dongle device, which actually works with same protocol).


Practically every other app that supports Chromecast automatically supports Google Cast/Android TV, just like you have reported.


I think Spotify has 'disabled' this on purpose because now you have to buy the pricey wireless speakers of their certified partners, instead of any random, cheaper 'Google Cast' enabled speaker (which have the casting built in just like Android TV).


I do have some hope though that casting for Android TV will eventually be "enabled", when legal / financial issues are sorted (with Google).

Spotify will probably reply it has to do with technical 'challanges' of Google Cast, but this is nonesense since all other Chromecast-enabled apps work with Google Cast by default (even the worst / ugliest apps in the playstore work with my Sony Android TV).



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Thanks! I'll let you know if I hear anything. Appreciate it!