Aquasphere - A decent rebirth of Eno's flagships


Aquasphere - A decent rebirth of Eno's flagships

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I wonder where Brian Eno did when he got his inspiration for his chilling, peaceful tunes of soft ambient music, without no percussion. Like music, that turns the stressful mind into something calming, peaceful. What much of Enos harmonics gives to the  the human soul, whose spirit is tucted inside a domedastic world of speed, stress, demands and excessive musts, is hard to explain in a brief way. Althought there seems be "nothing" sense in the music like chords you dance to, grooves that rocks the house or anything else that fuels the dancefloor, the music seems to trim the subconscinouess into a calmer, brighter and peaceful one. 


 Dr. Sounds created Aquasphere in 2009. This release is a great reminder of Enos '80 releases. I combines the minimialism and quality from the Discreet Music soundscape with the more avant-garde soundscapes like those found in songs from the Music For Airports album.



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