Artists We need to Hear From


Artists We need to Hear From

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Are there any bands or artists who could release new material, if they chose to, that you'd like to hear from? The reasons they might not be active could be many and varied, e.g. they've formally split up, they're incredibly exacting or just plain lazy but they could do it if they wanted to. I've deliberately left out artist who couldnt possibly record new material due to, inconveniently, being dead. So members of the "27 club" or victims of bizarre gardening accidents, as far as I know, arent included.



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I'd love to see Hum release some new material. They released 4 albums in the 90s, with their final album going so far as to be described as "a lost classic of 90s rock" and "one of the most darkly romantic and timeless albums ever created" by Allmusic (1997's Downward Is Heavenward), but it ultimately sold poorly despite the rave reviews and they were dropped from their record label shortly after. Although they've done some reunion tours recently, a new album isn't anywhere in the works -- but it's not bad to go out on top though 🙂


Talk Talk is a great shout @spiritofradio. I adore 'New Grass' and Laughing Stock.




This is an obscure shout but I always like Pepper Rabbit and I think they ended as a group too soon. I'd love to see them release more material.