Artists on spotify who sell ripped music


Artists on spotify who sell ripped music

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Isn't Spotify doing anything about the artists who blatantly just rip music from original sources and sell on their own on Spotify? I've come across quite a few while listening to the spotify radio stations.


One example right here, an artist called "film classic orchestra Oscars studio". Just take a listen to for example the horror halloween album, it's most likely the original tracks ripped from youtube and gathered into an album.


Here's the theme from 28 days later the movie: being re-released by this fake scam artist. You can clearly hear from the quality that its a horrible rip from some low quality source. Maybe youtube or some online music store offering low quality full previews of tracks.


The guy sells this crap on multiple music stores online, including iTunes. How do they get away with this?

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Spotify comply with their pubished Copyright Policy on things like this. 

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