Best Film Soundtracks


Best Film Soundtracks


Quite recently I went to see Asian Dub Foundation perform their re-scoring of George Lucas' first feature length film THX1138. The film was projected behind the band and for the first time I was (quite literally) forced to acknowledge the power and presence of a film's soundtrack.  

With that in mind, I'd like to know which famous film soundtracks first struck a chord. I'll add a couple to get started (don't judge). 





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Hey @Leo, great to know that ADF is still an active band, I had almost forgotten about them.


And it's amazing how sokme Donnie Darko's scenes keep on my mind after so many years, as well as their songs. The bike scene particularly 🙂


This one I also find amazing. All Tarantino's soundtracks I'd day..

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Speaking of soundtracks and Tarantino, this movie soundtrack always does it when the movie Pulp Fiction plays. The Funk track Jungle Boogie by Kool & The Gang just fits the scene of the movie when it plays, the whole sound track is just top notch and fits the scenes so well when the songs play in the movie.



I would have also posted the soundtrack to Jackie Brown as well, but it is missing almost half the songs from the soundtrack for me currently.


Also would have posted the Natural Born Killers soundtrack as well but seems to be not available currently, movie script written by Tarantino but directed by Oliver Stone. This song by L7 - Sh!tlist below, which is in the movie soundtrack, just fits like a steel gauntlet inside a silk glove, when the scene opens of Mallory Knox laying waste to an ignorant redneck hand to hand style in the diner scene, with the movie character Mickey Knox is just nonchalantly eating his key lime pie and watching the boxing match, and starting to imagine bad things happening to the other rednecks who are bad mouthing Mallory. Lol:



Sound track to the film by David Lynch, the Lost Highway sound track works extremely well from the psychological dark subject matter presented. 



I watched a black comedy today on Netflix called "I Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore." It was pretty good. Like I said, black comedy, so it won't be everyone's thing, but I appreciate the wide scope of music they used.  I think the soundtrack is supposed to be officially released in the next week or so, but I put together a list of what's currently avaialble on Spotify from the film.


I did the same with "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World." These aren't really original soundtracks, but they make great use of such a diverse range of songs.


In terms of actual, original soundtracks, I think Cast Away did an excellent job with minimalism, which I think also worked well within the film.


Other than that, The Lord of the Rings soundtrack...such an excellent job of fitting within Tolkien's world and added an extra dimension to the films.


For me, the most iconic would be that motif from "Concerning Hobbits."  


Howard Shore did a lot of excellent work. Incredibly film composer.