Best Playlist Ever | Rap


Best Playlist Ever | Rap


This is my Emotional Rap Playlist, it's not the typical Rap that's being played today with a bunch a Skrr-Skrrs and alot of Bass, it's more some thoughtful Rap and about Problems and i don't know why, but i come back to this Playlist everyday, because it gives me Chills and i manage to relax to this music 100% of the time.

Hope you check it out and maybe support some of the artists, since they are (mostly) not very popular yet, but they deserve it more than 80% of Rappers these Days!

Hope you like it as much as i do and give some feedback in the comments 🙂


P.S.: The Playlist is pretty small, but i don't just add every song i come across, but i can promise to keep it growing!

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