Best "Pure" Players for Mp3 Lovers


Best "Pure" Players for Mp3 Lovers

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Hello everyone ! ^^ i'd like to make a Topic like this from a long time, but nothing so cleen or not with a crappy android modification look from a north corean cave...

So what about sharing whats your favorite players from the underground of the web you'd like to share ?


First here are my own favorites to start a little...

- Stellio (Android)

- Dub Music Player (Android)

- VLC audio (android)

- (of course) Spotify (Win and Android)

- Groove (for Windows)

- Foobar2000 (+ android apk) (LightWeight for gaming if you have a bad pc)

- Physic Mp3 Players built in interface (Ipod, Walkman, etc...)

- Music Bee (Win)

- Media Monkey (Win) (and APK)

- Samsung Music APK

- Walkman App APK


That's a topic start so fell free to refresh nex release when you want ! ^^

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I use Foobar. Not only lightweight, but I tend to get lost in the spectrogram visuals... :')
Most of my local music is in lossless format. Can convert to other formats very easily within Foobar (one has to install the required codec tho).

Media Monkey is very nice for editing tags on your music files. I don't have it myself though.
Windows Media Player is somewhat alright too, but it starts to go insane when you have more than 100GB of music files. Dropping tags, making songs seem 'lengthless' (thus not scrobbling as well), and one can't edit tags too well. Supports less file formats as well.. but for video playback it's cool enough.


I love Spotify for it's dark interface. Foobar is almost enough dark as well, but in order to have an entirely dark interface, I feel like I should use some variation of Ubuntu (such as Studio). Fully customizable, unlike Windows...

You have so many favourites? 🙂

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Meh... I don't really have all of them as "fav" ^^ but i use to get a little bored of a player and use to switch to another good one times to times in a day... And so i puted all the one that i regulary use and that are worth it. But the ones I really have the "open reflex" Is Stellio on my phone, cause its fast with intuitive interface, have cool sober skins with color customisation in free mode, and it's feel clean 🙂

On Windows my first favorite is Groove (Cause of the habit, but just discover others so MusicBee gonna probably takes is place soon xD) when i listen to music just for listening to music.

And Foobar2000 because i play CS GO and have a bad pc, so i can play with ma music.


BTW : I have problems to install the samsung and walkman apk's :,( (If you can help me i can't find a god way on the web ^^)

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Music Bee is my favourite. I really recommend it. Used foobar before that, loved the customizability but you need to spend a lot of time to make it work however you want - need to install plugins, configure different stuff, even write some scripts. Music Bee can achieve same things a lot simpler.

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My favorites are:


- PowerAmp (Android). Simple UI and cool black themes.

- Winamp (Windows). All-time classic although its support had ended but I still use it.

- And of course Spotify 🙂