Brahms Complete Works


Brahms Complete Works


All 122 opus numbers in order of opus number.


Recordings are the ones I use for the Brahms Listening Guides website, (if they are available; there are a few that are not, and they have good alternatives).


The major alternative versions are also included, including:


--The rarely-recorded original version of the Op. 8 Piano Trio.

--The Op. 12 Ave Maria with both orchestral and organ accompaniment.

--The solo piano arrangement of the second movement (Theme and Variations) from the Op. 18 String Sextet

--The arrangement of the Piano Quintet, Op. 34 as a Sonata for Two Pianos, Op. 34b.

--Four versions of the Op. 39 Waltzes--the original for four hands, both arrangements for solo piano (difficult and easy), and the versions of five of the sixteen for two pianos.

--The Op. 52 Liebeslieder Waltzes both with and without voices.

--The Variations on a Theme of Haydn for both orchestra (Op. 56a) and two pianos (Op. 55b).

--The Op. 65 Neue Liebeslieder Waltzes both with and without voices.

--The Op. 84 Romanzen und Lieder for both one (female) and two voices (1-3 for two females, 4-5 for female and male).

--The Op. 103 Zigeunerlieder (Gypsy Songs) in the original vocal quartet version (sung by a full choir) and the solo (female) version of Nos. 1-7 and 11.  A true vocal quartet recording of Nos. 8-10 is interspersed with the latter.  When Mathis, Fassbaender, Schreier and Fischer-Dieskau recorded the vocal quartets for the 1983 complete edition, for some reason they only did Nos. 8-10 of Op. 103, probably because of Jessye Norman's solo recording of Nos. 1-7 and 11--a terrible decision with ramifications on all of the edition's re-releases.  Because of this, there is really no mainstream recording of Nos. 8-10 with solo quartet, only with full choir.  But at least all the music is there.

--The two Op. 120 sonatas for both clarinet and viola (the viola recording follows the clarinet recording of each sonata).


As a sort of "bonus," the four-hand originals of the 21 Hungarian Dances (WoO 1) are included at the end.  I've been meaning to add other WoO recordings, and may do so at some point.


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