Bug with artist albums


Bug with artist albums

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So I come here to register a bug. I could not create a message in the bug section, the button was gray.



When you search an artist in the search field and then select the artist, not all albums are loaded / shown.

For instance, search on dark tranquillity and slect the band. Now you see a lot of cd's released by them. But there is no cd named Void.


Search on dark tranquillity void, voila, there you have the cd. It's the very same artist. 


This is happening for some other bands as well.



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Hey @Joker !  🙂

You can report any content errors/issues such as these directly to the Spotify content team using the instructions outlined in this topic. Once you have submitted a query, the content team will investigate and then pass any needed details over to the record label to request a correction/change if needed (so it can take some time unfortunately!).


Spotify are also aware there is an issue with albums being displayed which is being investigated. 


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Your saying they can't run a database script that checks their relations and update them? Looks to me like spotify has issues with their quality assurance or their import and maintainence... 


This is something the service provider, spotify, should quality check themselves. 


I have no interest in doing this for spotify, a service I pay for, and I do want what's been payed for 😉

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Spotify what are you doing?


More albums are disappearing from artists when you click on an artist but you can see the albums that are missing if you search on the artist.


Spotify, why are you pissing on your database?


Last album I've noticed to go missing from an artist is this album:

Heaven Shall Burn – Iconoclast ( Part One: The Final Resistance )


You can not view it when you brows the artist 

Heaven Shall Burn


When will you get your act together? 


Things like this makes me think about trying another service.