[CONTEST] The Monthly Mixtape


[CONTEST] The Monthly Mixtape

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This contest is being run by the Spotify Community Rock Stars @Mattosaurus and @LordRollin, not Spotify staff. If you're interested in learning more about being a Rock Star then please click the link. 


Hello everyone and welcome to the Monthly Mixtape, a brand new contest coming to The Green Room. Everyone on the Monthly Mixtape team is excited to see what awesome contributions the Community is going to make. We hope that everyone will be able to discover great new music and amazing playlists for whatever situation they come across.


So, what is it?

We’re glad you asked! The Monthly Mixtape is a contest for the Community, run by a few Community members that will start the first Monday of every month and will stay open for three weeks. We’re looking for you to submit songs (up to three per person) to create the perfect playlist that fits that month’s theme.


Sounds pretty cool. Then what happens?

A group of Community members will listen to every single submission and then vote on their favorite song. The top 20 or so songs that receive the most votes will be added to that month’s playlist (called the Monthly Mixtape), and then it will be released to the public for the pleasure of everyone’s ears.


Awesome! This is a contest, so there must be a prize, right?

Of course there is! The song that receives the most votes from those chosen for the playlist will be dubbed as the “best” song of that month. The individual(s) who submitted the song will then be featured ina  Mixtape blog post at the end of the month, which will highlight their contribution to the contest, along will their favorite playlists (yes, it can be a playlist you've curated).


So what is this month’s theme?

The theme for this month is "Pool Party" and you have from August 3rd to August 24th to submit the songs you think are perfect for this month’s theme here in this thread. Good luck to everyone--our eardrums can’t wait to hear what happens!


---Other Questions---


Are Staff/Rock Stars allowed to participate? Yes


What if more than one person submits the same song? Then all the individuals who suggested that song will be included.


What if I have more than three songs I want to submit? That’s great, but to keep everything fair, as well as we don't want to kill the judges, only the first three will be considered.


What if I change my mind and want to change my entries? No worries, as long as it’s within the three weeks. Just edit your thread (don’t make a new one, the second one won’t be considered!) and make whatever changes you want. Be careful though, if you edit anything past the entry window your entire post will be disqualified.


Any other questions? Get in touch with @Mattosaurus , @LordRollin , @wahoo650 , or @diestro, your wonderful and lovely community contest managers.

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the song i choose is  Knee Deap(feat.Jimmy Buffet) by Zac Brown, Jimmy Buffet


Hey @Swick123 could you post a link to the song in Spotify? Thanks

Casual Listener

Casual Listener

Here is my second choice Toes by Zac Brown Band.


Here is the link https://open.spotify.com/track/5kjyiH6but1t2UDXq15aeS






Hey! Thanks for a fun challenge 😃

Here's my songs for the poolparty contest


1. "Shots - Broiler remix"

Imagine dragons, Broiler




2. "Filling it up to go"

Youth club




3. "Dance the way I feel"

Ou est le swimming pool





Kicking off with waves by Magic Man, bringing it back to Take me Over by Peking Duk and it would be an offence if Klingande's Jubel wasn't featured.





I'd consider myself a connoisseur of tasty beats


This is a great idea! I just started using the Spotify community, and this is a great way to get introduced.


My selection is The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani feat. Akon:



Always makes me think of fun in the sun 🙂


tequila by the champs

how do you get that follow button under your posts?

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Hey there @dariosotelo!


if you want to have a follow button at the bottom of your post, check out this article. 



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Awesome Challenge!

I like such challenges a lot where you can discover new music on a slightly different way ;)...



First Track: Hunger Of The Pine by alt-J (Has that specific Power)




Second Track: Facing The Sun by Fritz Kalkbrenner (Just face the sun!)




Third Track: Inner Visions by Gliss (A Little Hip A Little Hop ;P)




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I wonder where can I find the winner playlists of the contests.
Are they stored somewhere?
It should be great to have a folder where all these playlists are made available.
Maybe the best 3 for each contest.
Am I missing something?
Thank you

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Hey there @camillo75!


Great question. We're planning to release The Monthly Mixtape as a playlist on the official Spotify Community account. That will update every month. As far as making an archive type of thing from all the past playlists, I'll talk to the team about it. I'll post again here when I know what's up.


Anything else?

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Just a curiosity, how do you select it?
Who is the judge?
You or you put them where all users or some users can vote?
A good way to me would be also to allow users to vote single songs on each
playlist so you can make automatically a playlist of the most voted tracks
of all playlists in the contest.
Obviously every contest should have a theme and tracks should adhere to
The most votes you get in the contest, the best would be final playlist

I would make a voting app which can run in background allowing to vote
easily from the notification area without opening the app. But this is
really futuristic I guess.


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At the moment, myself, @LordRollin @wahoo650 @diestro and maybe a staff member or two are going to judge/vote. We have figured out a secret sauce to vote on tracks, though that app would be really cool.


Anything else?

Lady Gaga's Poker Face or Telephone ft. Beyoncé
Cool for the summer by Demi Lovato

Music Fan

Hello there! Nice and fun idea. Here are my contributions for this month's Pool Party playlist:


Erik Hassle - "No Words"



Seinabo Sey - "Younger - Kygo Remix"



Seinabo Sey - "Hard Time - Kretsen Remix"


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I think as a general guideline a perfect playlist should have only 1 track of the same artist.

Not applicable

Did someone say Party?!?


Basslovers United. Remix! Real party feel with tons of bass! Activate your party, now.




When the track drops, keep raving!