Can't listen to my music.........


Can't listen to my music.........


Hi there,


i enjoy Spotify a lot, using it a lot as i paint or draw....... Yesterday the music stopped, because i used my 10 hrs per month. So i changed the Spotify free to Spotify premium try out for 30 days.  But still the same message: my 10 hrs per month are all used. :-S  Then i changed my account to an immediate Premium account, also paid already for the first month. But again nothing. Still the message i can't listen music because all 10 hours are already used. Grrrr! what to do? Am i doing something wrong? Any suggestions? Thank you!

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You are sure you are logging in with the correct details? 

Its amazingly easy to accidentally have 2 accounts, one with Spotify and one with Facebook.


You can view your current subscription status by viewing your online overview.

If you sign in online and you have a premium account, log out of the desktop client and sign in using the same details you are signed in online with. 


If you have two accounts then you can merge them by following the instructions in this post.



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