Can't use contact form


Can't use contact form


I have been trying to use the contact form to get into contact with someone from Spotify but for some reason I can't find it. I have clicked on all the links I could find to the contact form but it just keeps bringing me back to this ( This is not a contact form. I have been charged for premium even though I cancelled twice in the last two months. Since there is no phone number or email address, I am forced to post on here. This process has been really frustrating and not customer service friendly. Could someone please help me. Thank you.

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Hello Michyavacodo (I like your name! :P)!
Ok so as you have said you did follow all the links right except when if asks the three questions it looks like you did not click on the "I still need help" button on the bottom of the answer selectors. If you go here and then fill in the fields that they have provided then click "Send Question" It should then send your question to be queued with the Spotify support team.

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