Can you backup your playlists?


Can you backup your playlists?


I have spotify premium and I want to create a playlist with all songs that I stumble upon and that I find good, and probably have this playlist downloaded for offline use.

Probably the playlist will reach about 3000 songs or more. I know there is a limit at 10.000 though.


I really fear that I will delete the playlist unintentionally, and all the hard work will be gone. Is there any way to truely backup playlists? I know you can generate a .csv file which contains all tracks of that playlist. But I could not find out how to import that file again. Also copying the link to the playlist does not help, since the link will probably not work anymore after deleting the original playlist.


So my question is, can you backup playlists as tracklist-file somewhere on your hard drive, and import that backup if needed?


Thanks so much

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