[Car Bluetooth issue] Somehow muting itself after one song


[Car Bluetooth issue] Somehow muting itself after one song


Currently my issue lies somewhere between my OnePlus 6T and 2019 Chevy vehicle.

Whenever I've attempted to play music in my car, one song may play but then "mute." It's not actually muted but this is the closest word I have for it. The car receives music from YouTube and Spotify seems to hop on it afterwards. Again, just for one song before "muting" itself. This does not occur in my Bluetooth earbuds nor PC.

I've forgotten both devices on each other and restarted both in an attempt to fix. Again, just one song before "muting." I do have the music downloaded. Android auto nor waze are downloaded on my phone.

Again, my Bluetooth does not have any other audio source such as YouTube or Vrv. Both phone and car have cureent software as well. 

Thank you for your time and I hope I've shared enough info about my issue. 

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Hey @Grandeur,


Thanks for posting about this in the Community 🙂


Do you mind checking out some of the steps that users with a similar issue have provided in this thread? 


If none of those work, let us know what you've tried, and we'll see what else we can suggest 😉