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Hey everyone, 


This is totally off topic but i was listening to music on Spotify and one of my favourite songs came on and it just made my evening better.

So i thought since i'm new here i'd post a little something about one of my favourite recording artists.

As you can see up there on the subject line, her name is Cassie. ( I'll add a picture of her to remind you who she is)

Many of you wont remember who she is and might even question why i like her. Trust me, there are too many reasons for that.

One of her most successful songs came out in the summer of 2006, almost a decade ago, titled " Me & U ". it was first discovered in clubs in Europe and went viral on Myspace (remember MySpace? ). because of its instrumentals and different sound, it was very popular and made its way on the top of the charts everywhere. Even after almost 10 years DJ's from all over the world are still playing the song in clubs and there are always new remixes posted online. Her second single didn't do as well as her first single but was still majorly successful around the world and i'm sure that if you hear it you will remember it almost instantly because of its unique sound, unless you're very young. 


These two singles were part of her Self-titled debut album "Cassie"released on August 8, 2006 by NextSelection Lifestyle Group, Bad Boy Records and Atlantic Records. The album was well-received critically and praised for its production. Cassie debuted at number four on the US Billboard 200 with 100,374 copies sold in its first week. It stayed in the top twenty for two weeks. As of April 2008, the album had sold 321,000 copies in the US.

After that, in 2007 she started working on her second album and had a release date of 2008 but since then its always been pushed back and delayed because of bad single sales and bad promotion which made plenty of people calling her a one hit wonder. 7 years after the release of her debut album, she released a Mixtape titled " Rockabyebaby", inspired by Keisha from the movie New Jack City. The Mixtape was released on free of charge and as a gift to her fans for waiting so long for an official body of work. RockaByeBaby received positive reviews from music critics, who complimented its production and the mixtapes features, with some critics calling it "hip-hop's streetest spitters" and praising Cassie's vocal performances, stating she had improved over the years. The mixtape currently certified double platinum due to the 2M+ downloads. Right now Cassie is working on her second album which is set to be released after P Diddy's album this summer.


There are so many of her songs that have been leaked online, which is a shame as many of them had what it takes to be a top hit. Tracks such as "Thirsty" "Gimme That" "skydiver" "I never knew" "stray" are a few of those tracks that could have been big. She has also worked with many successful people such as Beyonce, Diddy, Nicki Minaj, Will I AM, Pharrell, Ester Dean, Far East Movement, rapper MGK, Jay Z, French Montana, Jeremiah, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes and many more.


Other than music, Cassie is a successful model and has been the face for Forever 21, Asos, Calvin Klein, GQ Magazine and other magazines. She has made her debut in the big screen with the release of Step Up 2: The Streets and is currently working on another movie titled " The Perfect Match" where she stars with Terrence J along with Lauren London, Dascha Polanco & Donald Faison. Terrence J will also be producing the movie with Billie Woodruff. The movie is set to be released later this year and i am extremely excited to see Cassie back on the big screen. She also has a clothing line that she released not long ago, however i think it was a limited time thing but i am sure it will be a stepping stone to a bigger line. Also, she has been working with Diamond Supply for years and has been releasing amazing Tees, jumpers and even skateboards with stunning shots of herself and i must say they are all amazing. I recommend you take a look at those too. 


If you would like to stay updated about Cassie just follow her on Instagram where she is very active and has over 2 million followers. 

Also if Twitter is your thing then follow her on @CassieSuper. i will so blessed to have her following me. 🙂 


have a listen of her music, check her interviews where she talks about where she is from and what she has been doing over the years and buy some of her clothing online. i'm sure you will gain more respect for her and actually appreciate what she has to offer to us as an artist. 


Thanks and if you have any other music aritsts you would recommend then comment and let the community know. Let me know what you think of Cassie.


PS: i think soptify should add some more Cassie music.




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