Chillwave / Bedroom Pop / Dream Pop / Synth-pop / Electropop / Shoegaze - A Lo-Fi Collection


Chillwave / Bedroom Pop / Dream Pop / Synth-pop / Electropop / Shoegaze - A Lo-Fi Collection


An ultimate collection of Lo-Fi music ranging from Mac Demarco and Ducktails to Empire of the Sun and Passion Pit, and everything in between. Hit play and it's as if you're on the beach with your closest friends reminiscing about the good times in life.

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Sounds nice and chill!


Might add a few to my own playlist 🙂

Gig Goer

Hi! Here's a song that seemed like a good fit for your playlist


This is pretty relaxing (:


Hi! nice playlist, thanks!
I was wondering about the term Lo-Fi lately.
What does it really mean? Doesn't it come from Low-Fidelity which would suggest that the "quality" of the recordings are rather homemade/without the use of big/professional studio gear?

Lo-Fi is for example used a lot in a certain genre of instrumental Hip-Hop/sampling scene, where it makes sense to me due to the "lo-fi" character of the sound. Also with Mac DeMarco I totally understand it, as it mostly sounds pretty raw and it's homemade (I am sure though it is mixed in a **bleep** of a studio at the end).

Contrarywise indie-pop bands like Passion Pit or Empire Of the Sun (like in your playlist) are pretty well and big produced.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

(Sorry if my question may sound dumb, but with the use of all those style and genre definitions I get quite confused:)



You definitely have the right idea. Lo-Fi sound is more "raw" and/or lower quality. Personally, I love gives music more of a happy-nostalgic feel to it (at least for me). I began listening to artists like Balue, Ducktails, Beach Fossils, and Only Real when I first started to listen to Lo-Fi music, which is more on the Chillwave / Bedroom Pop side of things. After a few years, some Synth-pop started to sneak in...artists like Grapetooth, Generationals, and Jaguar Sun. I understand that some things I may add to this playlist aren't exactly "Lo-Fi," but if it has that echoey / nostalgic feel to it that I like, which I feel with the two alt-J songs in this playlist, some Passion Pit songs, some Empire of the Sun, etc., then I'll add it. I guess it's open to interpretation lol.