Chromecast! Need Chromecast!


Chromecast! Need Chromecast!

The ONLY thing that Spotify is seriously missing right now is Chromecast support. Why so stubborn?

I am not privy to your internal numbers, but I would have to imagine that the increase in premium memberships that might come with Chromecast compatibility has got to be more than you're making on Connect!
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Hello @ksusman and welcome to the community!


You're definitely not alone with the longing for Chromecast support. Please click on the link below and leave your comments/kudos over there to support the idea. Unfortunately this is the only thing to do at the moment:

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Hi Carma,

You mean:
Add support for Google ChromeCast (
Kudos : 8380
Status: Under Consideration

I see it is under consideration, When do we get an update on expected (Beta) Release ?