Contacting Playlist Curators


Contacting Playlist Curators


So I know there is a way to contact users that develope playlist but I seem to be having troubles finding out how to do it. I'm trying to get in contact with other users but the steps I'm reading of; Follow user < Share < Message.. but I don't have that feature pulling up. Can anyone help me out here!?

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Gig Goer

Currators (major ones) are hard to reach.  They are usually only reached through management companies, labels etc that network and negotiate with Spotify.
Much like everything else in this life, majority of major placements are paid for by labels, managers, and ultimately more successful bands who can afford to bribe $10,000 to be added to a playlist that will get them 20,000 (more or less) listens a day.


10000??? i am loosing money... haha

Casual Listener


i have the same problem. I want to contact a user(with 32 followers, probably not a professional). It seems, that the rightclick>share>user menu is no longer availeble. The solution ins this thread does not work for me either. The link in the solution brings me to a page that says "You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action."

I´d realy like to talk to that guy 😄