Copyright-issues with free mix-tapes. How can that be?


Copyright-issues with free mix-tapes. How can that be?


I listen to mostly hiphop and a big part of that scene nowadays is that artists release free music.

These are released on websites like Datpiff and Livemixtapes and are free to download and stream to anyone, and artist advertise them.


A lot of these find their way to Spotify, awesome! I live in Sweden and many of these are "not availabele" for me, how can that be?


Two examples Yung Thug - 1017 Thug and Metro Boomin - 19 And Boomin, these were available before, now they are not.


Once again, this music is free, free everywhere except on Spotify, a music-service that im paying for!


Will someone explain this to me?

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The artists or labels/aggregators set the content availability in the catalogue, so to be honest it is normally up to them to decide where content is available.

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