Correct tracklist, wrong versions?


Correct tracklist, wrong versions?


Hi, I'm new in forum, and I'm not sure if this question belongs to here... But I'll try.


I'm listening now to "Cold Krush Cuts", that is supposed to be a mixed set. Of course I know that it can be the whole mix in 1 track, but a thing I don't understand, and I don't know if it's a mistake from spotify or from the labels, it's the fact that some tracks are the correct ones, and are extracted from the mix.

But there are another ones, for example "Dj Food - Spiral" that doesn't belong to the original set. The track should be "Dj Food - Spiral Dub", and it should appear as continuity of the track before. 

And if you listen the track after that one, you can see that this second track ("Hex - Harmonic") is the one extracted from the mixed CD (you can listen how "spiral" fades out).


Is that some error that can be fixed? 


I don't think it should be a matter of owner rights or similar, because in this example "Spiral Dub" appears on another compilation. And even if the track has been introduced in spotify with the name that appears on physical Album, why digital track doesn't correspond with the cd track?


In this "megamix" happens a lot of times...


Thanks for the info!

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