Cutting out and more!


Cutting out and more!




What is going on at Spotify?   It used to be fantastic, the best thing since sliced bread, but recently it continually crashes, cuts out etc.   I've done all the usual things recommended by Spotify but these faults are still occurring.

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Welcome to the Community. Could you tell us a little more about your set up? Like what sort of computer are you using, what version of Spotify you are on, so on.

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I have been experiencing exactly this problem for the first time over the past few days.  at the end of last week, the service was completely unusable.  As soon as streaming started it stopped again.  Tried logging off andf logging back on again but it kept happening.  much better today but still getting the occasional break without rhyme or reason.


I use a Mac, operating system Snow Lopard (up to date).  Have been running Spotify or a while now on this and another Windows PC, free version originally but now with subscription.  No problem unti last week.


Surely it must be a problem at the Spotify end or somewhere between there and here?