[Desktop] Couple of bugs I've noticed..


[Desktop] Couple of bugs I've noticed..




I've noticed a couple of bugs that would probably only affect people in my situation.


I use Spotify at work and at home, and obviously we have to two completely different network setups. At work we've got an HTTPS proxy server and websense (which is a Firewall I wouldn't be surprised if North Korea uses). When I'm at home I have to go to preferences in Spotify and select 'No Proxy', then when I get to work I have to reselect 'HTTPS'. Luckily the settings are saved otherwise I'd have gone mad ages ago!


The problem is that every time I go to preferences Spotify seems to try to connect to the internet wether it's able to or not, and won't respond until it times out. When I get home and I want to select 'No Proxy', just trying to open the preferences page takes anything up to 10 minutes while it's trying to contact my work's proxy server (which of course it can't). Eventually a message box appears saying it can't contact the server, then it tries again for a second time (taking the same soul destroying amount of time) before finally letting me into the preferences page.


Then after changing the dropdown to 'No Proxy', the process of hanging/erroring happens again while it tries to save my settings. It does seem to help if I completely disconnect from the internet before doing it, but it's a bit of a hassle if I'm already in the middle of transferring files etc.


Is there any reason why the preferences page tries to contact a server when it's opened? Could the timeout not be made a lot shorter?



... Also....


Because of websense blocking the ports Spotify uses for artwork, I can't see any album covers within the Spotify tracklist. Strangely, I can see the album cover in the bottom-left-hand pane, just not in the tracklist.


Cheers 🙂





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