Direct Profits to Listens


Direct Profits to Listens


I was thinking that the money raised for particular advertisements or subscriptions should only be directed at music that the subscriber listens to. I'd rather the money go directly to the bands that I listen to, especially for those that don't get much recognition. I feel that a great deal of artists are unable to keep much of their work on Spotify due to the labels not collecting enough, but if only the money spent addressing the listeners were to go to the bands then I feel that more artists would be able to put out their work and benefit from it.


Granted, this process could prove to be very expensive, difficult to achieve, even a bit invasive; then again, the ideas of suggestions and artists is pretty pervasive already, and benefiting the music that I like and the artists that I like, shouldn't warrant much stagnance or malignance from listeners and fans.

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To my knowledge artists do get a certain amount of money per listen already (but I could be wrong!). 



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