Editorial playlists like WIMP


Editorial playlists like WIMP



I'm looking for a map or a service that provide editorial playlists similar to the ones WIMP are offering.

In WIMP you can find playlist like "Best of Def Jam Label", "Hiphop songs in Hollywood", and when Lou Reed died a tribute to him. I'm sure you can find similar playlists in Spotify but then I have to know what I want to listen to. In WIMP I get a suggestion. What I like is the variety of the playlists that can be anything from soul to Brazilian Punk.

I would hope that there would be an app or similar in Spotify but I haven't found one? There's a million apps that provide playlists that like "Sunday morning chill out" and "Run playlist" but those are pretty generic.

Any suggestions for a similar service, preferably Swedish since I would like Swedish music to be included.


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Have you tried Playlists.net?


We have over 147,000 playlists which you can filter via Featured, Most Played, Genre or even Mood. We also have a Top 100 Playlist Chart that is updated each week. 


We have pretty much every kind of musical genre covered, take a look at this article for some more insights.


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