Expanding Your Playlist


Expanding Your Playlist

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Hello Guys My Name Is Night Walker. Today I Will Be Sharing With You Guys What Others Have Shared With Me. So The Question Is “How To Expand Your Playlist”, But The Question You Should Be Asking Is Where Is My Audience Coming From? Gaining Listeners Is All About Having Music In Your Playlist That Attracts And Retains Your Listeners Attention. In Order To Do This Keep Your Playlist Relevant To Today’s Music. Also The More People You Have Who Are Willing To Follow And Share Your Playlist, The More Likely It Is For Your Playlist To Grow. Here’s What You Do. Spotify Is Growing Streaming Platform With Millions Of People Listening Everyday. The More People You Get To Share Your Playlist The Bigger The Audience It Reaches. Here Are 3 Steps To Get You Started.

1. Add This Song To Your Most Recent Playlist 

2. Dm Screenshot To My Instagram @rapmusix.daily 

3. Prior To You Direct Messaging I Will Share Your Playlist On All My Social Media Accounts Which Puts It In Front Of A Bigger Audience. If They Like It They’ll Share It With Their Friends And The Cycle Continues. 

Hope You Found This Really Helpful.


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