Extremely poor playlist management... will it ever change?


Extremely poor playlist management... will it ever change?


I like Spotify, I really do, but I absolutely hate the very poor playlist management. Seriously. My first annoyance is that you can only move playlists around on the desktop version. Seriously...? Secondly: why can't I select more than 1 playlist to move around? Now I have to drag them all on by one to the spot I want them. Third: why can't I select multiple playlist and choose something like 'Create a new folder containing these playlist'? Now I have to move the lists one by one into a new folder. And I have to do so in the opposite order otherwise I will have to move them all again! I also have problems moving folders around where I can only move them one spot. And btw when I tried to move folders around using the web player, it looked like I could do that, I saw the lines and everything, but as soon as I let go of the folder I was moving all the playlists that were in it were moved out of that folder! What the heck...! That really pissed me off because I had spend hours creating lists (due to the poor options) and now I had to drag them all into a folder again! Seriously!!! (In case you think I am not really pissed with all this: I heavily censored myself in the above.)

It's not only ridiculous we can't move things around on mobile devices, the management on the desktop also is prehistoric and limited. When oh when will we get up to date playlist management in Spotify???

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