Favorite Artists’ Featured and New Songs


Favorite Artists’ Featured and New Songs


I do not like the new update on apple because every time I get on my mobile app it just shows me top 5 songs and an overview of the discography for the artist I look up. I would like to go back to where I can see songs the artist was recently featured on and the latest songs one put out as well as the discography.

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Hey @mcfc_b21.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this, and apologies for the late reply!


We are currently rolling out a new layout for Artist Pages on mobile, including iOS.


In order to see the full discography of any artist, under Popular releases, there's a button which says See Discography. If you click there, it will take you to a list which includes Latest release, Albums, Singles (including EPs) and Compilations, in that order.


To see the songs which the artist has been featured on, all you need to do is scroll down a bit further to Appears On.


Hope that helps clear things up! Let us know if you have any other feedback regarding this feature.