First of all, thank you for developing this fine product that is the natural extension of the development of media and internet.

I would like to contribute with some feedback that I hope will improve the experience.



On windows, the next step for increasing the audio-quality would be perhaps to look into ways of bypassing the horrible windows-audio mixer that decreases the fidelity by a whole lot and incorporate some kind of direct access to the audio-devices. Like the WASAPI extension to foobar, this would be a nice feature for all the people who enjoy somewhat higher fidelity audio.

The OGG codec and the bandwidth is probably not the bottle neck, when properly configured but the windows mixer.



On windows, perhaps I'm just stupid, but I can't seem to change the order of songs or delete songs that lie in the play queue,

that would be a nice feature in my opinion.


I appologize if my descriptions are unclear, just reply if something is unclear and I'll try to rephrase myself



Thanks again


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Thanks for the feedback scanberg.


On the play queue issue, let me try to help out here. Whatever you're currently listening to will be added to this, but the order won't be editable - since it's based on what's coming up next in your current playlist/album, etc.


However, anything you've added to the queue by choice (right click > queue) should show up in yellow. And you'll be able to change the order then. Try it and see.

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Casual Listener

I've had problems with this for some time now. On occasion I find myself with a Now Playing list of tracks I don't want to be on there. Normally it's when I'm viewing tracks by an artist, and I Right Click -> Play on an album, expecting it to only queue the album. Instead it queues the entirity of the artist's catalogue, which I'm then unable to remove. I don't understand why there's a difference between tracks I manually queue and those Spotify itself does.