Filling a niche for curated Mandarin Music Playlists


Filling a niche for curated Mandarin Music Playlists


Hi all, I've always loved playlisting and given my focus on Mandarin music I've discovered that there aren't too many great playlists which provide new and (to me) accurate representations of the scene as it stands today (aka NOT K-pop and NOT just ballads). As of such, I've started a couple mood playlists on my profile (my R&B one is linked below) which I'll keep updating and also have a 'Choice Picks_' playlisting project where I invite relatively unknown Asian/Asian diasporic artists to share their personal picks with listeners. If any of this resonates with you, feel free to follow me, drop me a reply with your profile link and I'll follow back! If you'd like to know more about my musical philosophy you can also find out more at our platform Asian Pop Weekly. I look forward to finding a community of music lovers who share the same interests I do 🙂 


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