Fix The Update!!


Fix The Update!!

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With the new Spotify update, I think everyone can agree that the update was pushed through without every asking the question of "does an update even needs to happen", there are many problems with the update that instead of bettering the service; they punish the users that more ads can be promoted. I mean, one or two adds every now and again is understandable, but three, four, and five adds in a row is not. the rapid abundance of ads makes me believe that this horrible update was only promoted so that Spotify as a company can get more money, let alone all the issues that go along with the update. I am a non-premium user of Spotify. and many of the features that I liked about and made me a returning consumer of Spotify are now gone. in my use of Spotify, I mostly use it for a large online library where I can save the songs that I like. this means that I don't have any playlists that I save my songs to I only save them to the library. I make Spotify into a website where I can listen to any song that I feel like I want to listen to at any particular time. I have had many issues that have been taken away from me as a non-playlist listener. one being that on my phone, I had the option to select the songs that I wanted to remove from the Up Next feature one the songs menu of the library. here I could open the songs menu, and in the top right corner of the screen, there was an icon that looked like a list with an arrow at the very beginning of the first line of the list. I would like on that icon and I was taken into the Up Next on Shuffle menu. here I could select what songs I wasn't in the mood for and remove them from the list. when I would remove the songs, new songs would take the place of old songs that I removed, while still keeping the songs that I didn't select.i could do this repeatedly until the menu was filled with the songs that I only wanted to hear at that time. this feature has been removed from my free memberships and replaced with a system that doesn't work which is nothing! this was one of my favorite features that were unique to Spotify. another feature that seemed like it was pushed through by development was this stupid mandatory Device Connect. I once had the option of using the Spotify Web Player and the Spotify app on my phone (android) as two completely separate mediums. I could be listening to the Web Player, pause a song, and then open the Spotify app on my phone and listen to completely different songs on my phone while the song on the Web Player was still paused and unaffected. now, this Device Connect has to be linked to my phone and my computer where the only song that I can listen to on my phone is the same song that I have to listen to on the Web player. again another feature that punishes the free use of Spotify to listen to any song you want, but now only the algorithm for shuffling songs is the only thing that can decide what song you are listening to if you are a nonpremium user. the Web Player itself now has several minor problems that never appeared in the old version of the Web Player. for instance, there are no dates associated with the albums anymore, and the artist menu has been changed from all the artist that is in your library to only the artist that one follows. but one of the biggest problems is that there is no indicator of what songs you have saved to your library anymore. I only have about three thousand songs saved --which isn't a lot--, but since I am a human being, I can't remember which songs I have saved and which songs I don't, especially if there are multiple versions of a song. another feature that I really liked was when you are browsing multiple artists and songs if you liked on the left side of the screen just to the right of the taskbar, you were able to go back to the previous menu. please! bring back some of the features that once made Spotify great. if the Spotify community really cared about the people that use their service than they would actually listen to the people that are trying to make the service better for everyone.

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dude, paragraphs! A bi wall of text like that is really difficult to digest, which is probably why you've had no replies yet


just get premium and drink one less beer. Totally worth it.


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Spotty has completely screwed up. I'm 70 old Vietnam Paratrooper Artist trying to create but spent hours loudly cussing instead of working. What a mess. Fix it ASAP or I'm gone.