Foo Fighters Download Code


Foo Fighters Download Code


When the Foo Fighters played in Chicago they handed out codes to download the new album when it came out. I am finally getting around to using it. The card reads as such:


Beginnining 12:01am EDT on 9/15/17, follow these instructions for your MP3 download of Concrete and Gold


Add the album to your cart and continue to check out

On the payments page enter the code below


Finish checkout and follow instructions to claim your MP3 Download.

Code expires 10/31/17


The problem is the directs to spotify. I cannot figure out how to add things to my cart on spotify (and from what I have found elsewhere that isn't even a thing). Is there a way to do this? Where have I gone wrong? Have the Foo Fighters gone wrong? Was my mom right when she said I was the biggest mistake she ever made?



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