GIVE ME VIBES 👌 Updates every month with fresh vibes!


GIVE ME VIBES 👌 Updates every month with fresh vibes!

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Thought I should share my playlist that I put a lot of effort into making. I'll add a little background story for the playlist

I was tired of listening to sweet mix-tapes (SC) and later find out that there was no track list linked up to the set. This would mean I would need to spend a lot of extra time and effort to find that one awesome song.

I decided to make playlists of my own with what I think are some neat 'party' music + not giving you the hassel of needing to track them down. I try to keep it up to date with adding ten new tunes each month.


Also made a website just for fun:


Hope you enjoy 😘


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I'm not gonna lie; these are some sick beats 🤘


Keep it up man!

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Glad to hear Pugle!


I'll definitely keep going on 👊

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Give Me Vibes • 10

  • Tracks: 9
  • Lenght: 31:07


  1. Michael Mar - Don't Talk About It ft. Kyan Palmer
  2. Lemaitre - Higher (WNDR Remix) ft. Maty Noyes
  3. Will Grands - At Home ft. Aimee
  4. AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros) - Under The Water { fg.IV }
  5. JackLNDN - Bones
  6. Kill Paris - Red Lights ft. Dotter
  7. BVRGER - Cyberlove (House Flip)
  8. Touch Sensitive - No Other High feat. Electric Field
  9. Autograf - Sleepless In NYC

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