Greek music disappearing.


Greek music disappearing.


I have noticed that more and more of my greek music is no longer available; further, there appears to be no new greek music been added to spotify, not sure why especially as spotify is now available in greece, we should have more new music added.

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Hello, @paschk! If a song or entire album is suddenly unavailable to you it is likely due to the following reasons:

1. It's down to the record label in that they may have limited which regions would have access to the full album. In this case Spotify can't really do much about it. 
2. It's a temporary issue. No need to worry as the album should be back in no time.

It's just how the system works.

Could you please clarify what albums are you missing?

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Nonsense. It is never matter of customer, but Spotify 😞


I am really fed up with Spotify, because most of my greek music has gone!


I will stop my Spotify order (about 10eur/month) and order (less than 2eur/month).


With I can listen such of kind greek music Spotify has not never sold!


Bye bye Spotify - forever!