Handholding for Premium Downloads for Offline


Handholding for Premium Downloads for Offline

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Need some very basic help regarding how to download to playlists for offline.  What's the specific process?  What do the symbols mean next to the Playlists?  The tab symbol in the upper right hand corner for Offline?  Seems as if I'm downloading the same tunes over and over?Do I simply drag to the playlist and it's good for offline?  How does the star symbol relate?  I'm really confused...otherwise, fantastic music!



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I usually just create playlists on my phone and then click the switch in the upper right to make it available offline. Starred is really just a way of making something a favorite, so you could go back and listen to all your starred tracks in shuffle if you wanted, for example.


Spotify does have some odd syncing behavior that, at times, makes it look like it's syncing the track again. I'm not sure why it does that, but it typically doesn't do it that often. But yes, the essential takeaway is that you want the tab in the upper right of the playlist set to 'Yes' and then it will be available online. You'll then have a green arrow next to that playlist to show that it's available offline.