Have Steely Dan left Spotify?


Have Steely Dan left Spotify?

What's happened to Steely Dan on Spotify? All the albums are there but none of the tracks will play. Matt
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Hey there. So many thanks about this question!


I know, it's frustrating stuff when you have album on your Spotify and then after well-sleeped night it's gone and you don't know why.


At least in Finland these are available. Maybe record label put content down due to many things:


- No license anymore.

- Take down content for fixing content errors - like bad tags, bad music quality.

- Band or artist said so.

- They don't have aggregator for this right now in country or license with them ended for some reasons.

- They don't want to have it released anymore in country.


Things can change very fast, so hope it will be back for you soon.


Many thanks for understanding.


Don't try to explain what's happening here. It's like a battlefield!